Where we’ll be this year and beyond!


TBC  Torneo de Esgrima Antigua Torre de Hercules, La Coruna, Spain

Jun 10-11 HEMAC Athens

Jun 2-4 4th Barcelona Historical Fencing Meeting

May 4-7 HEMAC Dijon

Apr 23-24 HEMAC Nantes

Apr 8-9 Occitania Destreza Days, Tolouse

Mar 25-26 International Rapier Seminar, Strasbourg

Feb 10-12 Dreynevent, Vienna


Sep 23-25 10th Encuentro internacional de esgrima histórica AEEA, Toledo, Spain

Aug 5-7 XI Torneo de Esgrima Antigua Torre de Hercules, La Coruna, Spain

Jul 21-24 Longpoint, Maryland, USA

Jun 4-5 Two Days of the Blade, London, UK

May 27-29 HEMAC Florence, Italy

Apr 16-17 The International Rapier Seminar 2016, Godalming, UK

Mar 26 Dancing With Steel; Rapier and Dagger Workshop at Broken Plow, Pittsburgh, USA

Mar 18-20  Purpleheart Open, Houston, USA

Mar 4-6 A.I.M.A. Roma, Rome, Italy

Jan 23 Helsinki Open Longsword


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The Renaissance Sword Club is a martial arts club teaching sword fighting and historical fencing classes and lessons in Surrey, Berkshire and the South-East of England

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