Training videos: the club in action!

It’s been all too long since I posted anything and I thought I would post some training videos that Ive put elsewhere on social medai. Of course, we’ve been very busy with research and events. De Heredia is now translated and with the editors for publication and I’m working through the second part of Besnard (1653) and the Italian Cavalcabo (1595). For more up to date information, it’s perhaps best to look on Facebook.

However, I wanted to showcase some of the sparring and teaching we have been doing over the last few weeks. My focus is to train people such that they are able to flow in their fencing and have an understanding of their bodies’ mechanics. I hope these videos reflect that.

Single rapier training

Practicing control of the opponent’s blade. In this video, we see students working slowly against a single attack. It is important to build technique and confidence at a rate appropriate to the class.

Pressure testing

Putting Marguerite under pressure, while not pushing too hard, making sure she has the opportunity to practice flow.

Rory sparring with our guest Thibault, an instructor from De Taille et D’Estoc, Dijon

Thibault has a devastating lunge and Rory adjusts to give himself more distance, and hence more time, to control the opponent and eventually riposte.

Some general sparring

Here between Marguerite and Raffaele in sword and dagger.

Rory training me in sword and buckler

I haven’t worked on a sidesword and buckler combination for some years now, and it was time I broadened out my skill set. Rory studies Manciolino and Bolognese authors of the sixteenth century, especially buckler forms. I tend to concentrate on later treatises, from the end of the sixteenth century onward.

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