Training in Sword Fighting

Training in Historical Fencing or sword fighting is part of a fascinating hobby, which engages the mind as well as the body.

At the Renaissance Sword Club, we hold that anyone can fence with a sword, regardless of knowledge or background. Furthermore that, with training, an individual can defend themselves with a sword against all types of adversary. The ultimate aim is that the sword fighter uses their whole body with the sword to become a complete fencer. However, along the way we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Training has students learn several weapons:

Training with the Sidesword

The sidesword is a single-handed, ‘cut and thrust’ weapon, which was used throughout Europe in the sixteenth and into the seventeenth centuries. The sword form is very versatile, using lots of cuts and flourishes. The style we follow is the Dardi tradition of Bologna, in particular the Masters Giovanni dall’Agocchie and  Angelo Viggiani.

Students learn techniques of the single sword, sword and buckler (a small shield held in the hand), sword and taga (a square shield held in the hand) and rotella (a larger shield strapped to the arm). Click here to see an example of a sidesword made by Danelli Armouries.

Training with the Rapier

The rapier is a weapon which was popular in Europe from the late sixteenth century until the eighteenth. We follow predominantly French and Italian Masters, including Hieronyme Cavalcabo, François Dancie and Salvatore Fabris. From all these masters we derive the principles that form our style for our training.

Lessons include learning techniques of the single sword, the sword and dagger and the sword and cloak.

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The Renaissance Sword Club is a martial arts club teaching sword fighting and historical fencing classes and lessons in London, Surrey, Berkshire and the South-East of England

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